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Porton Down, England, Present Day

You have recently completed the Government Scientist’s International Training Program. You have been assigned to the ultrasecretive Defence Science and Technology Laboratory in Porton Down, where the British government conducts top secret research on the control and containment of dangerous viruses.

One night, on the late shift, you and your team are startled by a loud alarm. All the doors to the exits are locked down and you are trapped in a laboratory.

The emergency phone on the desk rings. It’s the Defence Minister calling from his secure bunker in London! He informs you that a deadly virus has been released by a rogue state on orders of their provocative and dangerous leader and the human race is now at risk.

He informs you that the only hope is to scour the lab of Professor Frankie Franco, who was recently acquitted on mental health grounds. He was working on this virus and the key to an antidote is surely in his lab.

In his final days at work, Franco was deemed a loose cannon and was acting erratically. Expect his office to be a challenge to navigate as he distrusted others and most likely locked up his work behind him.

The virus spreads quickly, and kills in days, and an antidote needs to be found urgently. If you can break in, there is a good chance a cure can be found, and governments around the world can produce enough of it to save our species from certain extinction!

You only have one hour to find the cure, contain the outbreak and reduce the risk of a deadly global pandemic.

City of Temples

City of Temples

City of Temples
Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Present Day

You are a group of amateur Archaeologists searching the ancient ruins in the jungle around Siem Reap for a long lost artifact. This golden artifact is extremely valuable and is the missing piece of a larger collection.

You are all very keen to find it, to hand it over to the Angkor National Museum, so that the people of Cambodia and throughout the world can appreciate it.

Whilst staying in a village near the famous city of Angkor Wat, you encounter a strange old man one night, who claims to know which temple this artifact is in. However, he informs you that as legend has it, the temple doors can only be opened once every 100 years, and will only stay open for a short amount of time, when the moon and the sun are correctly aligned.

Many have previously entered the temple, but haven’t been able to escape in time. He warns you that it will be a very dangerous mission!

He gives you and your team the temple’s location on a map, and tells you to hurry there, as the sun and the moon are correctly aligned tonight, and you must not miss this chance to enter.

Upon arrival at the location, it is nightfall. You clear some vine and find an abandoned temple with a locked door. It’s clear that this is the right place and that the artifact will be inside. The door, however, is locked.

You and your team must use your wits to gain access to the temple and escape quickly with the golden artifact before the doors shut forever and you fall victim to the temple’s curse like so many before.

Do you have what it takes? Time is of the essence, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship
North Atlantic Ocean, 1872

As part of the Dei Gracia crew, you and your team are commissioned to salvage the remains of the famous American merchant brigantine Mary Celeste that has been spotted floating in the ocean, with its crew mysteriously vanished.

It’s late December, 1872, and after a long, tiresome and uneventful journey, your captain Arthur David Moorhouse anticipates the perfect salvage operation.

The sky is grey, and the sea is calm and eery. In the midst of the early morning fog, you and your team are alerted by the shouts of the ship’s helmsman. He has spotted a silhouette of a large wooden ship. He rings the bell and all hands on deck!

The ship slowly comes into view. It’s old, wooden, and it’s been severely damaged. Something terrible has happened. There appears to be no sign of life.

Your captain orders you and a small group to go onboard and investigate. You reluctantly do so and jump aboard. There appears to be no one on the ship, but you hear noises coming from below deck.

Despite your fears, your inquisition gets the best of you and you enter the cabin. BANG! The door shuts behind you and you’re stuck!

The winds and waves are picking up, a storm is approaching, and the captain of your ship knows he cannot wait around for long. You all must escape and quick!

You and your shipmates must work together to solve the mysteries that lie within the ship and get out before your captain leaves you behind! Do you have what it takes?

Kowloon Captive

Kowloon Captive

Kowloon Captive
Secret Gang Hideout, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 1975

You are an undercover Hong Kong police officer embedded in a violent criminal gang. You are at their secret headquarters in a dingy backstreet bar in Kowloon.

A politician’s daughter has just been taken hostage, most likely by this gang, and there is now huge pressure on the police and the Commissioner! He believes that somewhere in this hideout is the key to her whereabouts.

The gang are all out now fighting another gang over a turf dispute, yet you’ve managed to stay behind alone. Your partner who is with them has tipped you off that they will be back soon so you don’t have much time!

Your mission is now critical as the kidnappers have threatened to harm her unless a ransom is paid. The politician is very worried, but cannot be seen to be weak and to pay them the money.

You must break deep into their headquarters to find any evidence that may aid in her release and help put these gangsters behind bars for good!

If you don’t, the politician will make sure that your department’s funding is cut in order to pay off the ransom. You have a wife and three children and you certainly cannot afford to lose your job so close to Chinese New Year!

The pressure is on! Do you have what it takes to find the evidence that will lead to the politician’s daughter? Your family is counting on you!

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